WATCH: Kiwi Melanie Bracewell horrified at dropping F-bomb live on-air infront of Aussie's PM

WATCH: Kiwi Melanie Bracewell Mortified After Dropping F-Bomb In Live Interview With Aussie PM

"Sorry, I didn't mean to swear!"

Our very own Mel Bracewell found herself needing to add a couple of bucks to the swear jar when she had a live TV blooper moment interviewing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Hosting 'The Cheap Seats' alongside Aussie comedian Tim McDonald, Mel let slip an undeniable F-bomb after asking the world leader to sign her citizenship papers. It was a hilarious and mortifying mess that will likely live on like all good bloopers do  - on the internet, forever.

"Would you mind just looking at that?" Tim asked as Melanie cheekily added: "Just a couple of little squiggles, Mr. PM."

Being the good sport he is, Anthony decided to play along and signed the papers. "We've made it easier, we've made it far easier," he said, "And 4000 Kiwis are now Australian citizens… We might actually get a decent rugby side out of it."

So far, so good, right?

But then, disaster struck! Melanie leaned back, and her microphone kit fell to the floor. A full-blown "f*ck!" left her mouth, clear as day, while Anthony Albanese dissolved into giggles.

SOURCE: Network Ten

Tim with his head in his hands was mortified at the cringe-worthy moment.

Tim put his head in his hands, like we imagine we would, while Mel cried out: "Sorry, I didn't mean to swear in front of you!" while turning as red as a tomato.

SOURCE: Network Ten

Tim handed the PM back the papers he had just signed, adding: “Feel free to write ‘denied’ on that.”

“Good call,” Tim quipped as the PM crossed out his signature.

SOURCE: Network Ten

“If we denied Australian citizenship [to people] who said that word, we’d really struggle… We’d have a crisis,” the PM joked. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Kiwi drop the big ‘F’ on live TV.

In an episode of TV1’s ‘Breakfast’ Matty stood up, fiddling around with his microphone pack before saying: “Ah f*ck, my thing’s fallen out.” 

Instantly, someone in the background screamed to remind Matty that he was on live television being broadcast nationwide.

Ah, we’re all human at the end of the day, and I’m sure these two won’t be the last to make a hilarious blooper for us to have a good chuckle at. 

At least the Aussie Prime Minister was a good sport about it all, right? As for Melanie, we just need to check, are you all good sis?!