Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Divorce: Missing ring, deleted pics & more shocking signs we missed

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Divorce: Missing ring, deleted pics & more shocking signs we missed

There were quite a few signs that things may have been on the rocks for months!

It’s been reported that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are headed for divorce - cue the tears!

While we the news came as a massive shock for most of us - the pair have been hailed as couple goals and have two kiddos together - there were quite a few signs that things weren't going well that went totally unnoticed.

Sophie Turner stopped attending the Jonas Brothers shows

After appearing at the Jonas Brothers’ opening ‘Five Albums. One Night’ show in New York, Sophie has not been seen at any tour stops since.

The disappearing act is raising a few eyebrows, now that we know what we know.

Mansion sold

In December last year, the couple decided to list their stunning Miami mansion for sale. According to Page Six, just last month the sale closed for $15 million.

Selling your house is definitely a move that often signals a new chapter in life, this might have been one of the more obvious signs that slipped under the radar.

Living apart

Over the past three months, Jonas is said to have been solo caring for their young kids “pretty much all of the time” according to one insider, even while touring the country with his brothers Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

Joe deleted Instagram pics of Sophie

The social media purge is a classic sign of trouble in paradise. Joe's Instagram has seen a Sophie Turner blackout since March, while Sophie's still has pictures of them together, including one from just three weeks ago. 

 Ok, now I'm really confused.

Joe Jonas spotted without wedding ring

To wear or not to wear the wedding ring? Joe Jonas seems to be playing this game. On-again, off-again appearances of his wedding ring during recent shows have left fans speculating. 

According to TMZ, Joe was spotted without his ring on August 11, while making a coffee run in New York.

But just yesterday he posted a pic to Instagram alongside his brother and the ring definitely makes an appearance.

Stop playing with us Joe. It’s all too much.

Seeking divorce lawyers

Now, the most telling sign comes from TMZ's report of Joe meeting with divorce lawyers.

Allegedly dealing with "serious problems" for six months, this could be the most solid indication that their relationship may be coming to an end.

While we hope these signs are just coincidences and that Joe and Sophie will continue strong, the rumor mill continues to turn. 

Only time will tell if one of the most loved couples in Hollywood are doomed for divorce, and we’ll make sure to let you know if/ when we find out.