Margot Robbie slammed by American to 'drop' her Australian accent on 'Barbie' movie press tour

Margot Robbie slammed by American to 'drop' her Australian accent on 'Barbie' movie press tour

Crikey, these American galahs are defo making themselves look like drongos!

Margot Robbie has been slaying it on her ‘Barbie’ movie press tour. But with social media being the home of many keyboard warriors, some people have seemingly forgotten or just can't handle the fact that she's using her good ol' Aussie accent while promoting the movie. 

Critics are slamming Margot telling her to “drop” her Aussie twang. They’re so shocked it’s like they've seen a kangaroo in the middle of Times Square.

Sure, the film is all about that American charm, and Margot rocks a pretty impressive American accent, but can we all just take a chill pill and let her be herself when she's not in character? 

“I don't like that on the press tour she's using her Aussie accent as if to let others know she's a good actress or something because her American English sounds fine,” one person wrote on Facebook. 

“Is she here on a working visa? She lives and works in Hollywood - and that's where she gets her massive income from. Drop the accent,” they added.

Another replied: “I demand that from here on in, all movies played must use the accent of the country they're played in. There, that should do it!”  

While a third took to Twitter to write: “Margot Robbie’s Australian accent will always rattle me.”

Thankfully, there were plenty of fans who rallied behind Margot, and rightly so. It’s how she bloody speaks!

One supportive fan took to Twitter to ask: “Is it ok that someone actually asked Margot Robbie to not use her natural, Aussie, accent as she is now in Hollywood and should use her American, fake, accent? No, it is not at all or am I going nuts?”

“People are mad at margot robbie for using her REAL Aussie accent on the press tour???? 0 brain cells,” another added.

While a third praised the actress for never losing her Aussie twang: “obsessed with how Margot Robbie hasn’t lost her Australian accent despite being in Hollywood.”

Whether you like it or not, Margot Robbie is rockin' it as Barbie, and can we all please take a moment to remember Barbie has been an Aussie before? I mean, look at her rocking that bush hat!

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Instead of focusing on all this neggy energy let’s celebrate that the movie has finally arrived here in NZ and we can experience the ‘Barbie’ magic on the big screen.