MAFS AU fans have found Rupert's spicy new Hinge profile, and his bio has us all shook af

MAFS AU fans have found Rupert's spicy new Hinge profile, and his bio has us all shook af

Immediate match material!

Rupert may not have found his happily ever on this year’s ‘Married At First Sight Australia’, but now he’s on the hunt for a new love at first sight after joining the ol’ dating app game!

I mean, his on-screen wife Evelyn has moved on with fellow ‘MAFS’ star Duncan, so it’s only fair he’s single and ready to mingle, right?

So, where is he looking for love? Hinge, of course! 

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted Rupert on the app and were quick to share screenshots of his quirky profile, so let's have a look-see at what Rupert has in store for his potential matches.

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First impressions matter, and Rupert knows it. He kicks off his profile with a snap of himself sporting some trendy shades, looking all dapper in a black suit. 

But he doesn't stop there. Oh no! He adds a touch of humour into the mix by asking potential dates a truly profound question: "What's your favourite tree?" 

SOURCE: Punkee

This got me thinking, what is the sexiest tree? After a quick little Google search, I got my answer: Not to Google search ‘sexiest tree’. There are some concerning sights, that’s for sure!

As Rupert suggested to Punkee, maybe go for something like “The coastal nobby-looking tree that’s near the beach"

"Because the one thing Dan [Hunjas] and I have in common is we both like the beach,” he joked.

Then we stumble upon a true thirst trap—a shirtless Rupert lounging by a pool, accompanied by one of his buddies. A true Aussie right there!

But the real gem in his profile is when he reveals the "worst idea" he's ever had: using TV as free therapy. LOL!

Now, brace yourselves for the next prompt. When asked about something he's "recently discovered," Rupert drops a bombshell: "I have a foreskin." Well, that's certainly… unexpected. 

It seems Rupert's on the hunt for someone who can keep up with his banter, even if it gets a little, ahem, personal. Gotta appreciate his unfiltered approach!

And that’s it! Holy heck that was a lot to take in. Overall I’d rate Rupert’s profile pretty high, although, it’s not exactly hard to beat what else is out there atm. Soz not soz to all the Kiwi lads!