Love Island UK's Mitch branded a 'game playing liar' after his head turned at rapid speed

Love Island UK's Mitch branded a 'game playing liar' after his head turned at rapid speed

I'm surprised the boy doesn't have whiplash!

Love Island UK fans are dubbing Mitch the 'biggest liar' as they reckon they’ve worked out his 'game plan'.

So far season 10 of the hit reality show has absolutely packed full of drama, and it’s only been two weeks!

Chaos has continued to unfold as Mitch moved on from his previous partner Molly and has set his sights on Jess.

Mitch has had his heart set on Molly since day one in the villa, but it seems as though his head has been turned in a matter of, ahem, hours.

I mean, the boy's head spun so fast, I’m surprised he doesn’t have whiplash.

In yesterday’s ep, Jess won 'Woman Of The Match' in the latest villa challenge which saw her show off some pretty impressive football skills.

She shocked everyone with her near-perfect rainbow kick before she fell flat on her face. Somehow her hilarious accident caused Mitch to confess his feelings about her in a beach hut confession.

He later felt the urge to tell Jess his feelings, Mitch told Jess that he is “available” and wanted to get to know her more.

"The She’s A Keeper thing… watching you, when you fell on your ass I went, ‘I fancy this girl.’ I swear to god. Now you know I fancy you a bit.”

After his shocking confession, fans of the show have taken to Twitter to slam Mitch for being a 'liar' as others insist that he’s only trying to pursue Jess to stay in the villa because he is 'out of options'.


“Jess saw right through Mitch’s desperation that’s my girl,” another praised of the moment Jess friend-zoned Mitch.

A third said: “Mitch is treating this like the hunger games be so fr.”

While a fourth added: “Mitch really outing himself as a game player at any opportunity he gets!”

While we wait to see what happens at the next recoupling, let’s keep all of our fingers and toes crossed that Mitch’s “game plan” doesn’t backfire on Jess.