Ava Max Slapped

Shocking footage shows Ava Max getting slapped 'so hard' by a fan who barged on stage mid-show

"He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye."

Footage of US singer Ava Max has gone viral after a concertgoer barged on stage and slapped her mid-show.

During her performance on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, a man managed to make his way past security to get up close and personal with the singer. 

Not only did he invade her personal space, but Ava revealed in a Tweet to her fans: “He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye.” 

But hey, can we get a round of applause for Ava being a true professional. 👏👏👏!! Despite the attack, she danced her way through the end of her show like a champ. 

It seems like this might be becoming some sort of strange and dangerous trend as Ava’s slap occurred just over 48 hours after Bebe Rexha experienced a similar attack.

Bebe was struck in the eye by a phone thrown by a man while she was on stage at a show in New York. Can you believe the audacity? The attacker later claimed it was supposed to be a funny gag… bffr!

Her team rushed from backstage to help her and she was then escorted off to go to the hospital. The singer had to cancel her meet and greet with fans as she dealt with her injuries.

Bebe later revealed that she had received three stitches and showed off a pretty nasty black eye to her fans on Instagram.

Thankfully, she recovered and returned to the stage just two days later, urging the crowd to keep their phones away from her face. Good call!

And to anyone heading to a concert anytime soon, please keep your hands and phones to yourselves. Let's make concerts a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!