MAFS AU cast beg fans to stop 'tearing down' Alyssa Barmonde after becoming 'most hated bride'

MAFS AU cast beg fans to stop 'tearing down' Alyssa Barmonde after becoming 'most hated bride'

#FreeAlyssa is the move!

Married At First Sight Australia’s ‘most hated bride’ of 2023, Alyssa Barmonde, earned herself the title after her ‘controversial’ behaviour with her on-screen hubby Duncan James played out on the show.

However, since the show has wrapped, her fellow MAFS cast members have stuck by her side and are now taking to their Instagram Stories to beg fans to stop giving her a hard time due to the bad wrap she caught in the show’s edit.

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In the posts a constant message her fellow brides and grooms insist Alyssa is actually “one of the nicest people ever.”

So what does the cast have to say, and will it change our minds after what we saw play out on our teles?

Lyndall Grace explained in an Instagram Stories Q&A: “Everyone on the show loved Alyssa…I probably couldn’t name one person that didn’t”.

She later added: “She’d go to war for me, and I would do the same for her.”

“She’s not perfect, but she has a heart of gold. She deserved better, we ALL agree.”

SOURCE: @10dall on Instagram

Melinda Willis echoed Lyndall’s message by filming a clip to her followers, saying: “I’m getting on this bandwagon too because I feel like every single [cast member] has exactly the same thing to say about Alyssa”.

She then urged fans to get behind #FreeAlyssa.

“Let’s get this movement going because you guys are giving her such a horrible time and I promise you if you were there and doing the show with Alyssa, she would absolutely be one of your best friends,” Melinda said of the way fans have treated the MAFS bride.

She also reposted fellow MAFS bride Tahnee Cook's message with her new hashtag movement.

SOURCE: @alyssa_barmonde on Instagram

Bronte Schofield also hit out at fans’ “tearing down” Alyssa after the show had ended.

“The cast and myself have sat back and watched the public tear you down over an edit that you had no control over,” she wrote.

“It breaks my heart that people have jumped on the bandwagon to judge a woman who put her heart on the line to find love in the most catastrophic and controversial way.”

She added: “Despite everything you have going in your everyday life you never let it stop you from being the big-hearted, beautiful woman that you are”.

SOURCE: @_bronteschofield on Instagram

I mean, it’s no secret that reality tv isn’t always showing us the, ahem, reality of the person/ relationship. So, who are we to judge Alyssa’s whole character based on the few hours of tele we’d watch through the week?

I’d say we can probably trust those who were constantly around her to tell us who she really is.  

Maybe, just maybe it’s time to get behind #FreeAlyssa. What do you reckon?