Love Island's Jessie hints at 'dream' reality show with bf Farmer Will

Love Island's Jessie hints at 'dream' reality show with bf Farmer Will

Uh, more Will and Jessie? Yes please!

Love Island’s Jessie Wynter and Will Young might be getting their own reality show, and let's be honest, who wouldn't want to see more of these two goofy lovebirds on our screens?

Jessie and Will were the ultimate fan favourites on Love Island 2023, and now it looks like they might be coming back for more. Jessie spilled the beans in a new interview about her future goals and hinted at a possible joint opportunity with her boyf.

Jessie dropped a hint to The Sun: "Will and I adore spending time together and doing a show together would be the dream.” 

Uh, yes, please! We're already counting down the days until we can add it to our ‘to watch’ lists.

Now, if they were to have a reality TV show what would it look like? I already have a few ideas!

Picture this: ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’, but with a twist. Will and Jessie, the cutest couple ever, will be the hilarious hosts that keep us all laughing with their playful banter.

Okay, what if it’s a reality show following the couple during the lambing season at Will’s parents' farm? From the looks of the couple's TikToks, it seems like they’ve been keeping themselves busy with shenanigans.

Or how about an ultimate road trip adventure? The lovebirds could take us along for the ride as they travel across Aussie and the UK. We're talking about crazy activities, pranks, and tons of new thrilling experiences.

This would probably make the most sense with Jessie adding: “I would absolutely love for him to come to Australia - there are so many fun things to do with him and he really wants to meet my family," Jessie said.

"We just have to make sure it aligns with his schedule, he's very busy on the farm."

Either way, we're totally here for it!

Jessie also recently confessed that she's up for a challenge and would love to appear on ‘I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!’.

She said, "I would give it a solid crack, I'm from the country in Australia – I'm a tough nut."

So, let's keep our fingers crossed that this reality TV dream team will soon make it’s way to reality on our screens.