Green Party Barbie Poster

The NZ Green Party just did the Barbie meme for National and it's SAVAGE

Who knew Barbie was so political? lol.

New Zealand's Green Party have hilariously jumped on the Barbie poster trend doing the viral rounds.

ICYMI - The second trailer for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film ‘Barbie’ was released yesterday, and since then, the cast posters have been taking over our feeds.

Now, the Green Party have done their own spin on the trend, hitting out at the National Party.

Posting to their official Instagram page, the Greens captioned the post with a friendly “Hi Barbie! 👋👋👋”.

The post turns less friendly as it highlights the National Party's proposed policies ahead of this year's election.

“This Barbie wants more gas & oil during a climate crisis,” the first picture shows. 

Another picture references the National’s proposal of 'Young Offender Military Academies' to combat the ongoing increase in crime among Kiwi youth.

A third picture reads: “This Barbie wants to cut tax for the rich.”

I mean, the post certainly makes a statement.

Many others have posted their spin on the posters online, including our very own Edge Breakfast show. ;)

The Jonas Brothers joined in the fun to promote the release of their upcoming album.

My personal fave though has to be this one of Sharpay Evans from 'High School Musical'.

The possibilities are endless! 

It'll be interesting to see whether NZ's National Party come back with their own take, but tbh I'm not holding my breath.