MAFS’ Bronte speaks out about those wild leaked voice notes and how much her 'bestie' got paid

MAFS’ Bronte speaks out about those wild leaked voice notes and how much her 'bestie' got paid

"She sold me out knowing that I’m in such a vulnerable place."

Married At First Sight 2023 Bride Bronte Schofield has opened up about the betrayal from her so-called bestie Jess Tomlinson who caused chaos on her wedding day after leaking hubby Harrison Boon’s secret gf scandal.

Speaking to So Dramatic!, Bronte dishes out the dirt on the behind-the-scenes drama at her wedding and, of course, the leaked voice memos and texts.

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ICYMI - On his wedding night, Harrison was called out by his new wifey Bronte after she was given a tip that her new hubby actually had a secret gf on the outside, right up until he was set to get married on the reality show.

That secret girlfriend just so happened to be ex-Australian Bachelor contestant Abby Miller and she went on her own rogue Instagram story rant about her relo with the MAFS groom.

Bronte revealed that when she was told about Harrison’s ‘secret gf’, she had “no idea that [Jess] was mic’d up”. 

She explained: “She kept trying to pull me away. She kept saying ‘I have a present for you’ and I was like, ‘how did you even get that in?’ because you’re not even allowed your phone.”

Bronte was then blindsided with “like 20 cameras pointing” in their direction.

After the secret was revealed Bronte revealed: “All of the clocks in my brain just started ticking and that’s when you see me slowly look around and then I was like ‘oh my god’.”

“I was so upset. Then I was like, hold on, why did you tell me this now? We were on FaceTime last night, if this has been going on for weeks, why the hell did you pick the wedding day to tell me this information? I was ropable,” she added.

After all the wedding drama went down and Bronte decided to stay in the experiment with her new hubby, Jess leaked a private conversation between her and Bronte.

In the voice notes we can hear that Bronte knew of Harrison prior to the show, but she also admitted that if he ended up being her match, she would “play it to [her] advantage”. 

Talking about what was said in the leaked voice notes Bronte said: “How do I justify the things I said in 20 seconds when the person, Jess, who leaked them for $300 might I add, sold me out knowing that I’m in such a vulnerable place that I can’t properly defend myself or what I said.”

Remember at the time Bronte had no access to her social media, so never got the chance to defend or address it until after the show had wrapped.

Bronte added: “Regardless of them being leaked or what, the narrative or character [the producers] had for me would have got people questioning my authenticity regardless.

“I was screwed either way. I truly did apply to find love and I messed up by saying what I said. I may look like an absolute idiot but I know I was so true to myself and if people want to stick to that 20-second voice note as the narrative of who I am, be my guest.”

Bronte touched on the fact she forgave Jess pretty quickly even though it was a “cheap” move.

“I was like, you know what, if you need to tear me down to bring the heat off yourself, so be it. It says more about you than it does about me.”

She ended the convo by adding: “I felt like it was a really cheap shot. I was heartbroken. I was just so upset that someone I considered a friend, not once but twice, threw me under the bus for $300 bucks.”

Yeahhhh, if you’re willing to destroy your friendship for a few hundred bucks, something tells me that friendship was never valuable in the first place.