Harry x Niall collab

Harry Styles x Niall Horan fans are convinced a collab is coming and here's what they've found

Is this the reunion we've been waiting for or are we reaching?!

This is not a drill! There’s rumour and speculation all over my TikTok fyp that Harry Styles may be collabing on Niall Horan's new album and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that we’re not reaching.

I mean we could be, but let me explain what we know so far…

We chatted to Niall about what to expect from his upcoming album - check it out here!

Fans have been picking up on clues that the pair could’ve been teasing a song together underneath our very noses.

In a TikTok posted by @guccihahaharryy, a voiceover from Niall gave some very major hints that have sent superfans into a spin.

“We spent a lot of time in LA making it, and I also took an amazing trip to Joshua Tree, California.”

Now, anyone who isn’t knee-deep in the fandom would let that slide. However, the eager fan gave us some very convincing theories that point to the possible collab being believable.

First up, let me remind you of the progression of the ‘Harry’s House’ release. His website featured a series of doors with pictures behind them - but what exactly were those pics?

Fans have since gone back and noticed one door had stripes that look a little too similar to a shirt Niall wore during an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’.

Now we know that Niall just revealed he recorded part of his album in Joshua Tree, California and would you look at that… Harry’s website also had a snap of a Joshua Tree behind a door.

I mean Joshua Tree is a lovely place and I’m sure many musicians have written some bops there, but the coincidence of it all is just too perfect of a match - right?!

If you’re still not convinced, let me take you back to May 2022.

fans may remember that Harry was spotted filming what appeared to be a circus-themed music video.

At the time, everyone theorised it was for a track on ‘Harry’s House’, but we are yet to see the video… After looking into it more, eagle-eyed fans are convinced the music video could actually be actually for a song of Niall’s. 

The fans noticed a box with a cloudy blue sky design sitting to the side of the music video set. How crazy is it that the box just so happens to look I-DEN-TI-CAL to the candles Niall has been using to promote his new track ‘Heaven’?

Of course, please take everything with the tiniest grain of salt, but my inner 12-year-old is still hung up on waiting for any sign of a reunion and this is the closest we have gotten in years!

Surely we’re not crazy for speculating after Harry thanked Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn during his BRITs winning speech for Artist of the Year. 

If this does turn out to be legit I will be sent into orbit!