Emily Ratajkowski finally addresses THOSE pics of her make-out sesh with Harry Styles

Emily Ratajkowski finally addresses THOSE pics of her make-out sesh with Harry Styles

"I didn’t expect this to happen."

The moment we've all been waiting for.

From dishing about her infamous make-out session with Harry Styles in Japan to sharing the inside scoop on what it's like to date in the spotlight - Emily Ratajkowski spilled a bunch of juicy details in an interview with Vogue. 

The model and podcast host revealed that she never imagined the pictures of her and Styles kissing, which shook us all to the core, would ever see the light of day.

“I didn’t expect this to happen,” Ratajkowski told Spanish Vogue. 

“I think, in general, there’s a reason certain celebrities live in [Los Angeles], hire security, don’t go to public restaurants… the idea of giving [my freedom] up for the sake of privacy is something I haven’t considered yet.”

The two were caught locking lips in Tokyo on March 25, where Harry was performing at the time.

Of course, with any scandal comes the rumours, and some media outlets are already speculating about a potential feud between the Em Rata and Harry’s former flame, Olivia Wilde.

The model seemed frustrated with this narrative, knowing that. Wilde is no stranger to being pitted against other famous women online. 

"It's more of the same," she said.

"I feel bad for Olivia because she's been in this sticky situation before." 

Emily added that being a model and mum of one, she is still getting used to the idea of dating as a celebrity, especially after her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard ended in 2022. 

“It’s very bizarre to have certain experiences and then have the whole world know about them and comment on them," she shared.

"I’m just a person who’s gone from a three-year relationship to a four-year relationship, so this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been in a dating stage. 

“The interest there in that particular area is very strange. Not that I’m surprised, but it’s a tiny slice of my life. Most of my life is focused on my son and my work.”

Since splitting up with Bear-McClard, the model has been spotted with celebs including the hilarious Pete Davidson and the wild and crazy Eric Andre. As for Styles, Ratajkowski was the first person he's been seen with since breaking up with Wilde in late 2022. 

At the end of the day, it's just another great reminder that my longtime crush is off the market and is smooching it up with supermodels. 

Sigh, the struggle is real, guys.