'WTAF': Harry Styles posted an ‘accidental’ gym selfie in 1D merch and it might've been in NZ

'WTAF': Harry Styles posted an ‘accidental’ gym selfie in 1D merch and it might've been in NZ

Holy nostalgia... This might break the internet!

I can not be the only one absolutely losing their mind over Harry Styles’ accidental post.

The singer took to his Instagram Stories to post a classic gym selfie wearing a freaking One Direction shirt! Someone needs to pinch me now because I can’t tell if this is real life.

Unfortunately, the post has since been deleted, but not quickly enough for it to go unnoticed.

Some sharp-eyed fans took a screenshot of the post and posted it to the @cowgirlharry fan page. 

In the pic, Harry is seen rocking a black tee featuring the faces of all 5 One Direction members and holy nostalgia, we’re loving this look!

My only question now is, will we be getting extra 1D songs at the NZ show?! 

With his show at Auckland’s Mt Smart stadium tomorrow night, we’re thinking that he may already have touched down on our shores and is getting a bit of cardio in before a sound check.

Fyi, this is all speculation, so don’t go frantically searching your local gym for a rare Harry sighting… Or do! I mean, it might be the first time you’ve stepped in the gym this year, and what a great cause. 

No, for real though, does anyone recognise this gym? We must know!

Many fans took to the comment section poking fun at Harry for always accidentally posting to the public instead of his close friends’ stories.

“He’s so bad at posting on his close friends,” wrote one fan who has seen this happen multiple times. 

Another dramatically wrote: “Many people (including me) died for this.”

“It’s giving “break the internet,” joked a third.

Okay, so with the strong possibility that Harry may already be in the country, we’re on the lookout for any sightings during his visit.