Rihanna claps back after being called out for saying her son is ‘so fine’

Rihanna claps back after being called out for saying her son is ‘so fine’

“My son so fine! Idc idc idc!”

Rihanna has been called out by her Instagram followers after she said that her 9-month-old son was ‘so fine’, and as expected bad gal Riri did not take it lightly.

After appearing in a feature for British Vogue, Rihanna reposted the pics to her own Instagram account along with the caption: “my son so fine! Idc idc idc!”

One clear hater replied to her caption asking “who calls a baby fine?’ - I’d be scared if I were you, sis, Rihanna’s not gonna like that one.

 Riri of course clapped back by writing a simple yet bold statement: “his mother!!!”

SOURCE: @theneighbourhoodtalk  on Instagram

After another hater tried to correct her saying: “more like cute [and] adorable… he’s not a grown man.”

Rihanna ended her by writing: “you just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!” - Eek!

SOURCE: @theneighbourhoodtalk on Instagram

The singer shared another sweet snap of her and A$AP Rocky’s son, sweetly calling him “perfect.”

Riri then went on to reference her newly announced little one on the way: “How crazy both of my babies were in these photos and mommy had no clue.”

About the number of kids she and A$AP hope to have in the future, Rihanna made fun of a 2020 interview when she said she wanted “three or four”.

“Oh s**t, You really gotta be careful with your mouth,” she said.

Looking back on the early days of becoming a mother, Riri recalled them as being a “headf**k” that left her feeling like a “zombie.”

Now, she says that motherhood is a “legendary” experience, adding that her life before her son “doesn’t matter” anymore.

As for new music, she teased we could be hearing some tunes “this year”, and I for one will be counting down the days.