MAFS faves Martha & Michael have welcomed their first baby

MAFS faves Martha & Michael have welcomed their first baby

"He's here, he's perfect."

A great reminder that despite the sh*t show of relationships on the latest season of Married At First Sight, people have *surprisingly* actually found love on the show.

One of our all-time fave couples from the show, Martha and Michael from the 2019 season, has welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

Last year, the couple announced they were expecting, saying they found out Martha was pregnant while traveling overseas. 

Martha said at the time "it hasn’t been this exciting, wonderful time for us" after being diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum at five weeks.

"We are so excited, we are so happy, it was a complete surprise. But at five weeks I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum," she said.

"Which is severe chronic nausea and vomiting with no relief. It is 24-7. I literally didn’t get out of bed for two months. 

Michael then added: “It was too early to share as well. We had to disappear offline and give a few excuses.”

And now, months later, the pair have welcomed their beautiful baby boy, sharing a photo and his name.

"Lucius Brunelli. He’s here, he’s perfect." Martha wrote.

The name not only is a nod to their Italian heritage but also pays homage to the country he was conceived in. 

We're so excited for their new family and hope this can somehow spread some good luck to some of our favourite couples this year (I'm looking at you Duncan and Alyssa...)