Taika Waititi Rita Ora V Day

Taika Waititi's V-Day tribute to Rita Ora scaring the heck out of him is the definition of love

If my relationship isn't like theirs, I don't want it!

Taika Waititi says “love is scary” after sharing a hilarious Valentine’s Day montage of his wife Rita Ora scaring the bejesus out of him.

Posting the sweet bunch of clips to his Instagram Taika captioned his post: “Boo! Love is scary... Happy Valentine's Day to all the tormentors and tormentees out there. Especially to @ritaora who has tormented me since day one.”

Of course, the clip features a number of sneaky scares filmed by the ‘You Only Love Me’ singer, but there were also many sweet moments of the two’s silly antics.

In one clip Taika takes off Rita’s fake eyelashes before deciding to give them a try for himself - doesn’t he look beautiful?!

SOURCE: @taikawaititi on Instagram

It’s a special look into their beautiful relationship, and I’m telling you rn, if my relationship doesn’t look like this… I don’t want it!

The vid isn’t the only way that the couple celebrated the day of love. 

Rita shared a snap to her Instagram story of a bunch of flowers and a love-heart-topped coffee cup saying “it’s nice to see the little gestures of love”.

SOURCE: @ritaora on Instagram

Taika also seemingly showed a large gesture of love to Rita last week after posting some fresh ink on his Instagram page.

The video shows a rather large old English letter “R” printed on his hand and many fans were quick to speculate that the tattoo was a tribute to his wife. 

Despite writing the caption: “I love Rugby”, fans were not convinced that was the true meaning behind the new tat.

“Rugby Ora,” one fan joked.

Another shared their love for the ink writing: “aw what a sweet tribute to Rit… Rugby.”

“Now Rita Ora has to get a “T” one and caption it as ‘I love tennis’,” suggested a third.

Even Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo knew rugby wasn’t the true meaning of the ink as he wrote: “That’s just what you tell the world, bruv, but we both know that the “R” is for your true love… Ragnarok.”

Okay, so we almost got the answer we were looking for… thanks Mark!