Britney Spears' 'bizarre' accent in new Instagram video leaves fans 'concerned' af

Britney Spears' 'bizarre' accent in new Instagram video leaves fans 'concerned' af

"Holy crap, I didn’t even recognize that was Britney Spears!"

Britney Spears has posted a bizarre video to her Instagram telling her fans to “never be a roller coaster”, but the only roller coaster seems to be the way this video is making me feel.

Britney posted the clip along with the caption: ‘Stay humble out there, y’all!!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star now have you heard ??? Carry on, peeps …”

In the clip, Britney appears to be giving a fashion haul of a collection of dresses she was gifted. To start off with it seemed pretty normal, however, it wasn’t until we realised Britney was speaking with a mixed Aussie/British accent that things began to take a turn.

As the video continues Britney repeatedly tells her fans to “never be a roller coaster” before adding: “If I shut down my Instagram, do not call the cops.”

This comes after TMZ reported that police were sent to Britney's home after receiving several complaints from concerned fans when the singer's Instagram account vanished back in January.

Britney poses and dances with the dresses in multiple quick cuts and can be seen running around her bedroom. 

The video goes on for just under a minute, but now I have so many questions… Do we need to be concerned? Is Britney planning on going MIA??

Britney’s fans have also expressed their concerns, with one writing: “This doesn’t feel real.”

It took a while for another fan to recognise Britney in the video.

“Why is no one talking about Britney Spears’ most recent Insta posts? I’m genuinely so concerned, the Australian accent?? There is something really unsettling about it,” wrote a third.

While a fourth agreed: “I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting concerned about Britney Spears. She's talking with the fake British accent in her latest Instagram & being bizarre. The last time she talked like this the pink wig & shaving the head happened. Hope she's okay.”

All comments have now been shut off on Britney’s original post.