Farmer Will Love Island UK

Love Island UK fans demand producers to send Farmer Will home after worries it'll 'damage him'

“Everyone saying Will doesn’t belong on love island but he has the type of personality I wanna be watching…”

Love Island UK fans have stormed the internet requesting that producers remove an Islander in the early stages of the season to “protect him” from becoming “damaged”.

Islanders Anna-May, Olivia, Tanya, Tanyel and Lana join the lads, Kai, Ron, Shaq, Harris and the loveable farmer Will to make up the OG cast for the 2023 winter season in the beautiful South African villa.

With couples forming, bromances blossoming and already one kick-off fight, this season is already giving fans everything we could ask for.

But there’s one request that fans are asking of the producers and that is to get one Islander axed from the show - but for a good reason!

Love Island fans are urging producers to remove Will from the villa for his own mental health. 

They believe that his sweet, loveable, goofy personality is too good for the villa and as a result, he’s been left on the outer. 

Some are worried being on the show might “damage him”.

After being left single since episode 2, Will has struggled to form a genuine connection with any of the females in the villa.

However, for the same reasons other viewers are demanding that he stays because his personality is making for a great watch and you can tell how much of a positive vibe he is bringing to the villa.

Look how playful he is.

One person said: “Everyone saying Farmer Will doesn’t belong on love island but he has the type of personality I wanna be watching…”

Another said they would stop watching the series if our fave Farmer were to leave.

Even the official Pretty Little Thing Twitter account is backing our boy!

For now, we will just have to wait and see how Will tracks along. He may not have captured anyone’s heart in the villa just yet, but he’s captured all of ours watching from home.