Why is Maddison Beer repping a can of the iconic Kiwi bev Waikato Draught on her Instagram?

Why is Maddison Beer repping a can of the iconic Kiwi bev Waikato Draught on her Instagram?

"Waikato Draught finally getting the platform it deserves!"

Madison Beer has posted a photo dump to her Instagram, and we’ve spotted a lil Kiwi treasure in the mix - the mighty Waikato Draught Beer.

Madison posted to her social media account with the caption: “home away from home.”

Peep the beer on the sixth slide!

Now, part of me would love to believe this meant she’s currently visiting the beautiful Aotearoa, but chances are she just means the studio because that girl seems to have been living for her music atm.

So why would the American pop singer/ influencer be sharing the Kiwi product so far away from home?

Well, I’ve done my fair share of stalking, ahem, research and discovered that it’s all thanks to one Kiwi music producer living in the US and looks to be collaborating with Madison on some new music.

Record Producer & Songwriter Leroy Clampitt has been spotted featuring on Madison’s IG and Stories over the last couple of days as the two jam to some acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, every video I’ve managed to find has no audio, so they’re definitely keeping a project on the d-low.

Proud of his Kiwi roots, Leroy shared Madison’s post to his own story and wrote: “Waikato Draught finally getting the platform it deserves.”

SOURCE: @leroyclampitt on Instagram

Unfortunately, commenters didn’t agree, with a few Kiwis taking the piss out of the New Zealand-made beverage.

One confused commenter wrote: “Why Waikato draught out of anything?” While another replied: “Facts should’ve had a wine!”
“Surely a speights summit would’ve been the better option,” suggested a third.

Although there was a lot of disrespect towards the Waikato, one proud commenter put an end to all that negativity with a simple, “up the Waikato Draught”. 

It was the only positive comment about the beer that I found, but it was a strong statement.

Now the real question is, did she taste the liquid gold from the Waikato? That we don’t know, but we can only hope! I am now going to keep my eye on all of Madison’s socials, you know, just in case any other Kiwi products make a feature.