Keke Palmer announced her pregnancy on live TV and fans says it’s iconic as Beyoncé’s reveal

Keke Palmer announced her pregnancy on live TV and fans says it’s iconic as Beyoncé’s reveal

She is going to be the coolest mum ever!

One of our fave Nickelodeon stars, Keke Palmer has just announced that she is pregnant in the most surprising way that has many fans calling her ICONIC and comparing her to Beyonce.

The actress revealed she and her boyfriend Darius Daulton Jackson are expecting their first child while hosting this week's Saturday Night Live.

During her opening monologue, Keke addressed some gossip she’s been hearing through the grapevine.

“There’s some rumours going around,” the actress began.

“Some people have been in my comments saying ‘Keke’s having a baby’, ‘Keke’s pregnant’...”

“And I wanna set the record straight… I am,” Keke revealed as she popped open her blazer proudly revealing her baby bump.

Keke continued during her monologue, “It’s bad when people on the internet spread rumours about you, but it’s even worse when they’re correct.”

 "I was trying so hard to keep it on the down low, 'cause I got a lot of stuff going on. But honestly, this has been the biggest blessing and I am so excited. Guys, I'm going to be a mom."

Fans were absolutely shook when the news was announced, with many gasping and screaming at their screens as Keke revealed her bump.

Some are even comparing the actress’ reveal to Beyoncé’s at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

Another brilliantly pointed out that Keke could name her baby after her lead Nickelodeon Character from the show ‘True Jackson, VP’ and I’m totally here for it.

A third reckons her baby might be a reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II. I mean, it’s a bit of a stretch but the timings sure add up.

It’s fair to say that all of us who grew up watching Keke on our screens are stoked to see her thriving as a soon-to-be mum and we can’t wait to see what she shares of this journey.

Congratulations Keke and Darius.