Influencer Nikita Dragun arrested for acting aggressive while fully naked at luxury hotel

Influencer Nikita Dragun arrested for acting aggressive while fully naked at luxury hotel

"Do you want more?"

Famed Youtuber/TikToker Nikita Dragun was handcuffed and escorted out of a luxury Miami Beach hotel after allegedly throwing water bottles at security guards and officers while wandering around the pool in her birthday suit.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, police were called to The Goodtime Hotel in response to a report of someone causing an extreme disturbance at the hotel. 

SOURCE: Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation

Hotel security claimed that Nikita had been causing a disturbance by wandering around the pool area naked, and the security allege that the influencer was disobeying their request to stop.

After continuing, the police arrived at the accommodation security told them that Nikita poured water over hotel employees.

Police and hotel security repeatedly knocked on the door of her hotel room in an effort to get the situation under control.

However, Nikita slammed the door in their faces when security told her to stop talking or she would be ordered to leave the hotel.

“Do you want more?” Nikita allegedly asked security a few seconds later when she reopened the door. 

According to police, Nikita threw an open water bottle, which caused water to splash and spill on both the security guard and the officer, leading to her arrest on the spot.

Nikita was arrested for felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanour disorderly conduct and misdemeanour battery. She was taken into custody with a $5,000 bond.

Nikita has since posted on Instagram with the caption: “Mami I’m srry. I promise I am not in jail… anymore. u know The Dolls causing trouble trouble in Miami sister...”

Here’s hoping Nikita keeps herself out of trouble and jail for the rest of her trip.