Relationship alert: Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowki have been spotted 'all over' each other

Relationship alert: Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowki have been spotted 'all over' each other

Can’t believe I’m saying this

Sit yourself down and get ready for some piping hot tea because Pete Davidson is rumoured to be “all over” model Emily Ratajkowski.

The rumours were initially brought up over the weekend by Instagram gossip tycoon Deuxmoi, who revealed a sighting claiming that Pete and Em Rata had been spotted “holding hands out on a date”. According to the insider, was "all over her,"  and they are "clearly hooking up."

SOURCE: @deuxmoi on Instagram

An insider told Us Weekly that the two had been speaking for "a couple of months now" and "truly like each other."

“Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how intelligent she is,” the source said.

The publication has since confirmed the rumours - but that was via an ‘inside source’ so, y’know, let’s take that with a BIG grain of salt

The announcement came three months after Pete's breakup with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, and just 2 months after Em Rata officially filed for divorce from her ex-hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Fans have taken to Twitter speculating about this rumoured relationship and mostly let Pete know there is a waiting list after his hot record with the ladies.

One person posted a throwback pic to when Em Rata was featured on the hit Nickelodeon show iCarly - iykyk, Gibby isn’t here to play around and Pete should be on the lookout.

A third joked that Pete is in competition with Nick Cannon after the 'Wild 'n Out' star welcomed his eleventh child.

I mean, the fact that he was able to attract such stunning women is really something, but as one Twitter user put it, Pete is just a likeable, funny guy who seems to treat women well, and I have to agree.

That’s why I’m waiting patiently for my turn!

The pair are yet to confirm their relationship status, but you can be assured that I’ll be keeping a close eye out for that and will update you ASAP!!