Khloe Kardashian shares vid of Kris Jenner absolutely rat-assed at her bday and it's iconic

Khloe Kardashian shares vid of Kris Jenner absolutely rat-assed at her bday and it's iconic

"My birthday is fkn fabulous!"

Kris Jenner rang in her 67th birthday over the weekend and Khloe Kardashian celebrated by posting an iconic throwback vid that has us questioning whether Kris got stuck into those special gummies again - IYKYK.

We all know Kris loves a martini or two, and Khloe did not hesitate to post a hilarious throwback clip of Kris drunkenly spinning some yarns during one of her previous birthday celebrations.

The clip showed Khloe asking Kris: "How's your birthday?" to which her mother replied in a fit of laughter: "My birthday is fkn fabulous!"

Kris repeatedly told her daughter: “I fkn love you,” although by that point she had reached another level!

"You are my sun...," she began, cracking up, as Khloe mistook her words.

Khloe replied giggling: “I'm your son? I'm your daughter!”

At the celebration for Kris' birthday, the other guests started poking fun at Kris’ confusion as she replied: "Listen, motherf**ker! You're the sun and the spoon!"

One of her friends assumed she was trying to say: "You're the sun and the sky," but Kris doubled down on the spoon before asking: "Is there a spoon?"

SOURCE: @KhloeKardashian on TikTok

Many fans took to the comments with their hilarious thoughts, with one fan asking: “Did Kris get into the gummies again?1”

Another said: “I wanna be kris Jenner when I grow up”

Emily Ratajowski chimed in writing: “God she’s an icon,” with Khloe responding: “She’s my icon. That’s for sure.”

Being an icon, Queen Kris Jenner has had many iconic looks throughout the years, and what better way to celebrate the “momager” than to show up dressed head to toe in K-J originals? Because that’s exactly what the Kardashian/ Jenner clan did.

Here’s a rundown of all the wild Kris’ roaming the party:

Khloe K rocked a blonde pixie cut that Kris Jenner debuted back in 2018.

Kourtney K made an iconic move and dressed as Kris Jenner from the Ariana Grande ‘Thank U Next’ music video, complete with the camera and matching pink jumpsuit.

Kim K showed up in a very familiar outfit and recreated her very own “you just got Krissed” meme. There’s only one word to describe this look and it’s ICONIC!

North West and Kylie Jenner also got the memo for the celebration, stunning in some srsly chic black pixie cuts.

Well if this is anything to go by, I will be setting my expectations HIGH for my next  “fkn fabulous” b-day!