Bella Poarch divorce

Fans are too stunned to speak after news of Bella Poarch's divorce to her secret husband

Keeping your marriage hidden for 4 years is whole new level of stealth!

Bella Poarch has filed for divorce from her husband, revealing that she has been secretly married for nearly 4 years.

According to paperwork obtained by E News! the ‘Build a B*tch’ singer officially filed to end her marriage to husband Tyler Poarch, alleging irreconcilable differences.

Bella has never been seen publicly with a wedding ring and has never mentioned a husband, which led to fans assuming that she was single.

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Now we know that the pair married in January 2019, Bella and Tyler kept their relationship very private, which would have proved particularly hard as Bellas's TikTok and music career took off in 2020.

Bella is widely known for creating a trend on TikTok lipsyncing to ‘M to the B’ by Millie B - this helped her reach her 3rd most followed TikToker status on the platform.

Fans of Bella have shared their shock about her secret marriage on social media, and many have praised her friends for keeping the couple's relationship quiet.

Of course with her last name coming from her marriage, fans are questioning whether we will need to adjust to a name change.

Another stunned fan wrote: “I'm also shocked her surname's not Poarch it's her husband's. Her name is also NOT Bella it's Denarie! Ms Gurl or should I say Mrs Girl was Denarie Bautista Taylor.”

This gal demands that her name remains: “Bella Poarch not being Bella Poarch is what's throwing me off the most cause girl I'm not calling u Bella Taylor. we gonna have to work it out in divorce court that she gets the last name.”

“I'm sorry but Tyler is gonna have to change his last name bc Bella Poarch has too good of a ring to it,” echoed a fourth.

To answer this burning question, Bella noted in the documents that she will keep her last name moving forward.

I mean we have to give her a round of applause for hiding her man from the world as she was put under the spotlight - that reaches a crazy new level of stealth.