Someone really said taste that rainbow and threw skittles at Harry Styles’ eye

Someone really said taste that rainbow and threw skittles at Harry Styles’ eye

At least it was only an orange skittle!

After returning to his 'Love on tour' shows after recovering from the flu, Harry Styles has returned to the stage to be met with an unwanted encounter with some skittles. 

During a Los Angeles show at The Forum on Monday evening, Harry was performing one of our FAVE tracks ‘Kiwi’ when a fan launched a handful of Skittles at him. 

Footage of the incident was captured by concertgoers and shared on social media, showing pieces of the candy raining down on him before hitting him in the eye. 

The video shows Harry clutching his eye before raising his hand to the crowd, pleading for the fan to stop throwing them at him. 

Fans were quick to attack the offender online, noting that it ruined the rest of his performance as the singer kept his left eye closed after the incident.

After the incident blew up on social media, Skittles released an official response to the attack.

The event occurred after the 28-year-old pop icon had recently returned to his ‘LOVE ON TOUR’ shows after coming down with an illness.

Harry was forced to take time off his 167-date tour to recover from the flu, announcing the news to his fans in a heartfelt Instagram story. 

Someone really said taste that rainbow and threw skittles at Harry Styles’ eye

Fans had a point that he could have been seriously injured and while this time it was only some skittles, surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a fan has thrown something at Harry during one of his shows. 

Just last month, Harry was heard shouting in pain after a fan threw an unknown object at his groin area. 

Come on guys, we can do better. 

Back in August, a fan threw a chicken nugget at Styles during his gig at Madison Square garden. 

Amused, he picked up the nugget, saying 'Interesting, very interesting approach', continuing 'Who threw the chicken nugget? It's another chicken nugget'.

I don’t know what world you guys are living on but have you seen the cost of living lately? 

You bet if I can afford chicken nuggets, the only place I’ll be throwing them is in my mouth. 

The singer then threw the food back and said: 'Alright, here you go. Don't eat it.'

'Oh now it's on the floor, we will get you another nugget, OK? Fear not.'

Back in 2017, fans went through a phase of throwing kiwifruits on stage while he was performing ‘Kiwi’, one of our fave tracks that we're pretty sure is about us.

During one show, Harry actually slipped and fell over on one of the kiwi fruits, telling fans that it could become a problem. 

"You may have seen me fall earlier during this song, it appeared to be a kiwi. That was the culprit, some green seedy mush. Look, there's another, This could end up being a problem."

Now, this might be a biased opinion, as I am a HUGE Harry Styles fan, but the time, effort, and energy that goes into touring are out the gate. 

ESPECIALLY, after coming back from illness, the last thing he wants when he brings such an incredible performance is to be hit with some obscure object.