Trisha Paytas is getting majorly mum-shamed for 'dangerous' pic of daughter Malibu Barbie

Trisha Paytas is getting majorly mum-shamed for 'dangerous' pic of daughter Malibu Barbie

“At this point you are doing this stupid sh*t on purpose!"

Trisha Paytas has come under fire online - surprise, surprise - for posting a picture of her daughter Malibu Barbie in a ‘dangerous’ position to Instagram.

Just weeks after the whole Malibu Barbie name frenzy, has caused another internet outrage for sharing a pic of her daughter sitting in front of a microphone, alongside the tongue-in-cheek caption, "Introducing my new podcast host." 

Seems pretty cute at first right? Well with absolutely no hesitation, fans ran wild in the comments section, questioning Trisha's sanity and letting her know that her daughter's pose could actually be incredibly dangerous. 

“How could prop her up like this!!! Are you out of your mind? Her neck needs support at all times,” wrote one concerned commenter.

Another agreed saying: “It’s extremely dangerous to position a newborn like this.”

“At this point - you are doing this stupid shit on purpose,” accused a third.

Check out the Talking Out The Trash podcast reacting to Trisha's most batshit moments here: 

On the other hand, there were a few fans who managed to leave kind comments for the first time, mum, while keeping in mind Malibu’s safety.

“Trish, please don't do that, that is so dangerous for her neck she's not even a month she needs neck support.”

Another added: “It’s obvious that Trish has hoped, prayed, manifested, whatever, for this beautiful little bundle of joy. Do you truly, truly think that she doesn’t have Malibu under control? That she isn’t in tune with her own child and wouldn’t know/get help if there were something wrong? Y’all wild and love to hate on Trish for no fkn reason.”

Other people seem to have found anything and everything to have a rant about, including the colour of the baby's tongue. People reckon the whiteness of Malibu's mouth is a sign of a bacterial infection.

Addressing the outpouring of anger, Paytas urged her concerned fans to avoid sharing unsolicited medical advice.

"Hey everyone. Thanks for all the sweet comments…. I just ask, if you're not her paediatrician, to not comment or speculate on medical conditions,” she began.

"She has a paediatrician she sees every two weeks in this newborn stage, and everything is fine. She drinks formula, and that's why she's got white on her tongue.”

“I know y'all are probably trying to help, but medical speculation spreads a lot of false information online.”

"Feel free to leave other new mummy tips and advice, non-medical related. I always love that,” Trisha finished her post.

It seems like Trisha can’t catch a break! Maybe, just, maybe, we should give her the benefit of the doubt on this one and just trust that she is doing her best as a new mum. Is that so crazy?!