JVN Surprise in Auckland

Jonathan Van Ness left a Kiwi fan shooketh in this adorable moment at an Auckland Sephora shop

Imagine just casually bumping into JVN!

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness has shocked some locals as he hit the shops of Auckland while visiting NZ for his stand-up comedy show over the weekend.

The iconic hairstylist made a surprise appearance in a Sephora to see if they had his hair care line in stock - obviously, the answer is a big fat YES!

During his pop-in visit, JVN took to his Instagram and shared the cutest interaction with an unexpecting fan.

Let’s be real, we would all react with the same look of shock if JVN was hugging us while out just casually stocking up on beauty supplies.  

Van Ness chuckled and put a hand on the fan's shoulder as she very she starts apologising in the most Kiwi way possible.

 "Sh*t, sorry, pardon me, sorry."

JVN revealed in the caption that he had signed a handful of his products for fans to purchase from the Auckland store, but we’re not 100% sure which location the Queer Eye star was visiting. 

If you see me running through multiple Sephora stores today - no you didn’t!

Kiwi fans welcomed JVN to NZ with one person writing: "Omg haere mai (welcome)!!!!" 

Another shared their shock saying, “wha?!? New Zealand?!? Conquering the world much ?!?”

“I would pass out immediately,” absolutely explains how we would react.

But, JVN isn’t the only celeb to arrive on our shores.

On Saturday night Rita Ora posted her love and support for JVN’s comedy show sharing an adorable Selfie of the two.

SOURCE: JVN Instagram

How cute is the friendship there!

Although we think JVN might be on his way out of the country we know that Rita will be sticking around for her epic live performance at the Women’s Rugby World Cup opening this weekend!