Paddy Gower reckons speakers should be banned on beaches and it's a helluva hot take for summer

Paddy Gower reckons speakers should be banned on beaches and it's a helluva hot take for summer

How am I supposed to jam to Six 60 now?!

Patrick Gower has a hot take on one of the most popular summer activities that we’re all guilty of enjoying - he reckons speakers should be banned from New Zealand Beaches.

The Kiwi news legend has been filling in on the AM show as a presenter in place of Ryan Bridge this week and his highly controversial opinion has rattled me up big time.

This insane opinion came from the discussion of places where people should be quiet and not disturb the peace.

SOURCE: Newshub

While giving his argument to ban sound systems from every beach around the country Patrick said: "Look, if I was in power - which I'm not yet - I would ban sound systems from every beach.”

"I include lakes in that actually, not just the coastline."

I love you Paddy but why are you wanting to take all the joy from a hot summer’s day from me?

Gower said he'd also go as far as banning phones from the beach altogether and putting a "Bluetooth jammer" in place.

"In fact, I want phones banned from the beach - you should not be on your phone at the beach... That's going for a broader screentime ban."


I mean, I get the point that you want everyone to be living in the moment, enjoying our surroundings, but how am I supposed to do that when I can’t listen to Six 60’s latest album with a cold drink in my hand and the odd bit off sand blowing into my eye? It’s all about the experience…

SOURCE: Newshub

Many Kiwis have their opinion on the suggested ban, with one commenter writing: “Simple fix..... go to a different beach!”

Another suggested: “Sounds like there needs to be a beach party for a week str8?”

“Soon they’ll be saying the bbq smoke is too much,” a third joked.

Paddy, I know I've seen you bopping to some tunes during the summer festy season, so why are you now trying to cut my lunch at the beach? Will it make it better if I give you the aux?!