'I'm at a loss': Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford dressed as a baby and old man for Halloween

'I'm at a loss': Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford dressed as a baby and old man for Halloween

People were shook at the couples reference to their 11 year age gap!

Fans have raised their eyebrow at Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherfords Halloween costume choice amid age gap concerns.

Billie (20) and Jesse (31) have not addressed their age gap publicly, but it seems as though the two have poked fun at criticism of their couple's Halloween costumes this year.

Billie dressed as a baby, while Jesse and a friend dressed as elderly men - yikes!

Of course, fans were quick to fire a load of concerned and disappointed comments toward Billie and Jesse, as they seemingly took the piss out of their 11-year age gap. 

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Many dubbed the couple's costume choice “weird” and “wrong.”

One Twitter user wrote, “this whole Billie and Jesse situation is very weird…the costumes? that’s so… wrong.”

Another agreed saying: “something doesn’t sit right with me knowing that Billie Eilish dressed up as a baby and Jesse rutherford dressed up as an old man.”

“I cannot believe instead of Jesse rutherford dating a 20 yr old and just SHUTTING THE F*CK UP he and Billie dressed as a baby and an old man......I am at a loss,” echoed a third.

Meanwhile, others came to the defence of the singer arguing that she is a legal adult and that their relationship appears consensual. Others think that it’s the couple's way of addressing the critics by poking fun at their concerns.

One person reckons: “Billie and Jesse knew what they were doing since the Internet has trolled their relationship with their enormous age gap, so they’re trolling the internet on purpose!” 

Whatever the case may be, it seems as though Billie and Jesse aren’t too concerned about the chatter happening online, although, here’s hoping they’ll think twice next time before posting their controversial couples costume for the whole internet to turn into a talking point.