TikTok/OnlyFan star Stella Barey's confession about sleeping with her dad's best man goes viral

TikTok/OnlyFan star Stella Barey's confession about sleeping with her dad's best man goes viral

27 September 2022 12:41PM

An influencer/OnlyFans star has spilt some crazy tea about sleeping with the best man at her own father’s wedding. 

Stella Barey shared the story over two TikToks this past weekend and strap in because it is a wild ride that involves a Swedish hunk, swingers, awkward post-one-night-stand meet-ups, and a steamy photo.

The story starts with Stella - fresh off graduating college travelling to Montana with her best friend to go to her Dad’s wedding.

Stella sits in the front row while her dad’s best man, who she has never met and was instantly attracted to, is standing in front of her - and they keep on exchanging eye contact. 

“I knew my dad’s best friend was Swedish… but I didn’t know he was so hot,” she said. 

“I’m feeling so much tension between us… I just keep writing it off, that it was just me, because why would he do that to my dad at his wedding? Why would he be into me in the first place? He runs a hedge fund, I just graduated college. It was just a no-go.”

After the ceremony, Stella and her friend head to the after-party and get invited to an Airbnb with the best man, dad’s best friend, and the best friend’s wife. This is when Stella realised “oh it wasn’t just me, I was picking up on the vibes that they were definitely putting down”. 

The best friend starts making moves on Stella’s friend (the wife was fine with it) which creeped them out a little so they decided to leave with the best man. 

“We felt safer with my dad’s best man, he’s a cool guy. He was like ‘let’s get out of here’,” she said. 

They head to his loft and, once her best friend fell asleep, her and the best man got busy. 

“I wake up the next morning next to my dad’s best man, and my friend. Obviously that night, we did stuff, with my friend sleeping next to me.”

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She explains in part two that she and the best man ran into each other on the flight home. At this point, she has no idea if the guy even remembered what happened. That is until they are saying goodbye and the man confesses that he’s into her. 

The two exchanged messages for a bit and the guy even sent her a photo he took during their night together of him holding her thigh. Eventually, though, Stella ended things out of fear of her dad finding out. 

“I wasn’t really interested in keeping this alive,” she said. “I didn’t really like that my dad could figure out and it was going nowhere.”

Now that the two parts have been viewed more than a million times each it’s more than likely her dad knows, but god we are happy she shared it.