Is it just me or is the new Love Island Australia trailer absolutely cooked?
Monika Barton
Monika Barton

Is it just me or is the new Love Island Australia trailer absolutely cooked?

I can't help but ask, what does this have to do with anything?

ICYMI, the trailer for the new season of Love Island Australia dropped over the long weekend, and I can't help but ask myself, what the fk does this have to do with anything? 

I know everyone is absolutely fizzing for another season of Love Island since the UK version left a gaping void in reality TV fans' lives when it wrapped up earlier this year, but honestly, this teaser is just confusing. 

The minute-long clip features host Sophie Monk performing a complicated and, to be fair, very sexy salsa dance with a hot shirtless man, while throwing out random phrases in Spanish.

“Your desires will surely explode," she says en español (see? We can all use Google translate Soph). If you make it through the whole thing, you'll also hear the iconic Aussie phrase "a scorcha" said in Spanish, and of course, you'll get a cheeky 'hola!' 

If it wasn't painfully obvious by now, the 2022 season of Love Island AU is taking place in "the hottest place on the planet", Spain. 

Whether or not this claim is scientifically accurate, I cannot say. I'm no scientist. But seems like maybe an exaggeration…? 

So yeah, they've really driven home the Spanish angle, and Sophie Monk's dance skills are undeniably fire. 

But where is the footage of the 12 sexy singles looking for love?! Where are the shots of explosive arguments and endless people being "pulled for a chat"? Surely the producers know by now what we really want. 

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Most people in the comments section were too excited about the existence of another season to pay the whacky trailer any attention, but the ones that did were divided. 

"It’s already a no from me," one comment read. 

"THE MONK ABSOLUTELY ATE WITH THAT INTRO," said another, who is not wrong. 

"This season looks so sexy can't wait," a third added, which would make sense if the show was Dancing With The Stars…but… it's not. 

Anyway, much like the trailer itself, this is all beside the point. The new season of Love Island is dropping in Aus next month, so really our attention should be going on how the f we're going to watch it here in NZ.