From changing her race to kitchen floor meltdowns: Revisiting Trisha Paytas' messiest moments

From changing her race to kitchen floor meltdowns: Revisiting Trisha Paytas' messiest moments

The viral icon never fails to cause outrage.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Trisha Paytas, and her absurd moments that now live on the internet forever, or maybe you have only heard of her because of her recent out-the-gate choice of naming her newborn daughter Malibu Barbie - yeah, we wish we were joking.

Either way, Trisha is quite a big deal, and her absolutely wild moments are what has made her such a successful Youtube, TikTok and reality star worth approx US$10 million. 

So to save you the Google search, we’ve compiled a list of some of her most iconic moments to familiarise yourself with.

Check out the Talking Out The Trash podcast reacting to Trisha's most batshit moments here: 

Trisha made one of her first appearances online for her very unique talent of being able to read incredibly fast. 

So fast that she can read 800 words out loud per minute and attempted to break the world record for speed reading back in 2013 - spoiler alert: She didn’t break it, but dang, the girl has some pace!

Trisha then sought fame as one of the biggest online celebrities to come from the platform Youtube, where in her 16 years of uploading has shared many meltdowns and rants about anything and everything. 

As a self-confessed “troll”, Trisha sparked outrage from her online viewers by discussing topics many of us would never post to the masses.

A personal fave of ours is a video titled ‘Do Dogs Have Brains?’

As her career progressed, Trisha became more and more opinionated, which has caused her to become the content creator everyone loves to hate.

Here are some more tragic moments of Trisha digging herself into a deep, dark hole of contradictions.

Among her rapid success online, Trisha appeared on 2017’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’, packing an epic meltdown after other cast members seemingly singled her out based on her past.

Trisha has since built herself as an entertainer as she continues to grow on YouTube and, in recent years, has begun building a similar platform on TikTok.

She is definitely one of those characters whose intentions are never really clear to us.

There is so much more to unpack here, but you can check the full episode of Talking Out The Trash here:

Love her or hate her, Trisha has had a unique experience online that many wouldn’t dare to try and repeat. She has built herself as many different characters throughout the years and - much to our surprise - has been extremely successful. 

I guess now we just have to wait and see what insane thing she will come up with next!