Yung Gravy and Addison Rae’s mum were all over each other at the VMAs and the internet freaked

Yung Gravy and Addison Rae’s mum were all over each other at the VMAs and the internet freaked

When TikTok drama, the chaos of the VMAs, a freshly divorced mother, and a Soundcloud rapper collide.

Yesterday at the VMAs, Yung Gravy took TikTok superstar Addison Rae’s single mother Sheri as a date, and there was holding hands, flirting, smooches, making out, thigh-grabbing, and a lot of people on the internet freaking out. 

Tiktok celebrities and their lives colliding with the chaotic drama that occurs at the VMAs every other year is something we all should have seen coming.

But we weren't ready, and now you’re spending precious time reading about a 26-year-old underground rapper who recently blew up on TikTok making out with the 42-year-old, recently divorced, mother of someone who has generational wealth from innocently dancing, and I’m writing about it.

The night for the two TikToked lovers started out innocently enough. They were seen holding hands and then had a cheeky smooch on the red carpet, which is when people started losing it.

But soon more intense public displays of affection were caught on camera, sending people on the internet into a meme-filled spiral involving questioning society’s decisions and sympathy for Addison Rae. 

Here are the videos of them making out with some thigh touching on the side (you don’t have to watch these, you can turn back now and go for a nice walk). 

“Addison Rae started doing dances on TikTok and now her dad is an embarrassing public disgrace and her mom is making out with Yung Gravy at the VMAs. Tough break,” said one tweet that summarised the whole situation perfectly. 

And yeah, a quick note about Addison Rae’s dad - he reportedly cheated on Sheri, was hooking up with chicks a lot younger than him, and called out Yung Gravy to a boxing match in an absurd video where his veins almost popped out of his neck - he sucks basically.

All this led to Addison unfollowing both her Mum and Dad on Instagram, which is actually pretty sad, but we move. 

The situation helped bring an understanding of others for some, which is at least one positive from the whole thing. “‘I’m starting to see why white girls yell at their mum,” the tweet said. 

‘Twilight’, ‘Stranger Things’, and even ‘iCarly’ were also used to talk about the TikTok date from hell - is nothing sacred anymore?

Yea, you can stop reading this now, maybe wash your eyes out, even take a social media detox, you’ve earnt it.