Video footage shows Love Island's Adam and Paige attacked on a night out by messy men

Video footage shows Love Island's Adam and Paige attacked on a night out by messy men

Who does that?!
19 August 2022 11:22AM

Love Island's Adam Collard definitely knew how to bring the drama to our screens, but I don’t think he expected the drama to continue into a nightclub against some bold guys who attacked him and his girlfriend, Paige Thorne.

Footage obtained exclusively by Dailymail shows the couple shook after Adam was seen pushing a group of club-goers back from Paige, and an unknown friend on a night out in his hometown New Castle.

At first, the couple appears to be having a great time in the video as they dance to Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind while surrounded by a crowd of people.

Things escalate as a group of men start grabbing and ripping at Adam’s shirt, while he pushes back trying to keep the attackers away from Paige.

He's also seen holding back his mate who had jumped in to try and help the situation. 

But despite his best efforts to de-escalate the situation, bouncers from the club were needed to put an end to the commotion.

So what caused the row in the first place?

A club-goer who watched it all go down told The Sun: “It happened shortly after midnight. Adam and Paige were just on a night, it wasn't an official appearance or anything.”

“Everyone was trying to crowd him and I think they were trying to crowd Paige and Adam wasn't happy at all which was understandable.”

They continued: “Then people started to rip his top off and it all kicked off. It's no surprise he wanted to defend himself and was obviously looking out for Paige as well.”

Talking about the situation, a spokesperson on behalf of Adam has said: “Understandably, Adam and his friends were extremely shaken up by the situation and felt it was best to leave and we're safely escorted by the security team outside. No further action has been taken.”

We’re glad that the couple is safe and the situation hadn’t got too messy.