young jonathan lipnicki looking at older jonathan lipnicki

The kid from Stuart Little is ripped AF and into MMA now

Talk about a glow up!

The adorable little kid from ‘Stuart Little’ is all grown up now and he’s totally shredded - more like ‘Stuart Big’ am I right?

Jonathan Lipnicki is still acting, but he looks a lot different than he did at six years old when he starred in ‘Stuart Little’, ‘Jerry Maguire’, and more. 

He is now big time into MMA with a black belt in jiu-jitsu and has the bod to prove it.


Back in 2012, he told ESPN that he started learning how to fight when he was a young boy, and his family is heavily involved with the sport. 

“I grew up in Westlake Village, a suburb of L.A.,” he said.

“There was a guy there who was a fighter and was like, ‘I’ll teach you how to box.’”

“My family actually owns an MMA promotion company, so it’s kind of a family deal … they throw amateur fights in California. If we have a fighter getting ready for a fight, who’s around 155 [pounds] [70 kgs] and needs help on their game, I’ll help them out.”

Jonathan is Jewish himself and says he's teach fellow Jewish people to defend themselves from stupid racists. 

“There have been a lot of anti-Semitic hate crimes and violence towards Jews,” he told TMZ. 

“[Remy, his friend] started this group where we decided to make sure people got home and to the synagogue safely.”

“A lot of us are martial artists or own martial art gyms and not all of us are Jewish. It’s just people wanting to help other people.”

“Everyone should have the right to worship without being discriminated against.”

“Bullies of any sort or people who promote hatred don’t like when there’s a presence there and I think having a presence is a huge deterrent.”

It’s so good to see the former child star has a good head on his shoulders and is fighting the good fight!