'My jaw is on the floor': Kim Kardashian exposed for photoshop fail and this one is a doozy

'My jaw is on the floor': Kim Kardashian exposed for photoshop fail and this one is a doozy

“Okay, so we're not allowed to have bones now?"

Kim Kardashian has been called out for showcasing “impossible standards” after her latest attempt at photoshopping herself, and are we surprised?! Not one bit.

A TikTok is doing the rounds, calling out one of Kim’s recent Instagram posts where the star clearly forgot to double-check the editing of her pic.

TikToker @caroline_in_thecity exposed the star for editing her trapezius muscle out around her neck and shoulders in a poolside shot.

But how does she know? As a professional photographer, she understands what is natural and can determine when photographs are heavily edited.

In the clip, she explains that “Kim is notorious for photoshopping out her traps. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it makes her neck look smaller?”

“When we zoom in, we can see the water pattern behind her ear has been warped.”

Caroline used Photoshop's liquify tool to reverse the editing and noticed that the water reflection around Kim’s neck immediately became much more realistic.

Kim also posted a video alongside the edited images, and it didn't appear to have been changed in the same way.  

Caroline included a screenshot of both the video and the photoshopped pic to reveal just how much had changed.

The TikTok became flooded with comments, stunned at how in 2022, Kim would still be going as hard with the editing as if no one would ever notice the massive differences she is making to her body.

One user wrote: “This is actually so not okay. You would think that now that they have daughters, they would think about the impact of this more.”

“My jaw is literally on the floor! This is what creates impossible standards,” wrote another.

A third said, “the fact that there was NOTHING wrong with the unedited original is horrifying. What are their expectations?”

“Okay, so we not allowed to have bones now,” a fourth joked.

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It’s a great reminder that everything we see online is not a true reflection of real life.

We know photoshopping exists, but so does honesty and transparency. 

Everyone is beautiful, and the way we reflect ourselves online, particularly celebrities and influencers, should be able to show that.