Lizzo leaves her 'Truth Hurts' self standing at the altar in new '2 Be Loved' video

Lizzo leaves her 'Truth Hurts' self standing at the altar in new '2 Be Loved' video

That's not the only reference hidden in the clip!

Lizzo just released her new music video for ‘2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)’ and as always she has proven to be 100% that b*tch.

In her new video, something looks a little familiar…

Lizzo has recreated her ‘Truth Hurts’ bridal scene, nearly 5 years later.


In her ‘Truth Hurts’ vid, we saw Lizzo’s journey into realising that she is a powerful, strong female who don’t need no man. 

Now, things have changed. 

In the ‘2 Be Loved’ clips we see that she is now opening herself up to love and that doing so is not as scary or bad as it may seem.

The entire scene is designed to look exactly like the wedding shown in 'Truth Hurts,' from the groomsmen's suits to the shirtless officiant wearing a jewelled hat.

The video shows that even committing to yourself can be hard, especially if you struggle with showing yourself some love.

That's the premise of '2 Be Loved', which sees Lizzo leaving herself at the altar while fantasising about meeting her ideal partner and partying with her friends.

Throughout, she questions if she can love herself enough to allow romance back into her life.

Referencing her 2017 hit Lizzo’s lyrics really do relate.

“I did the work, it didn’t work. That truth, it hurts, goddamn, it hurts.”

“How am I supposed to love somebody else, when I don’t like myself?”

The video ends with Lizzo having a big ol’ party with her gal pals as she finally decides she is in fact ready.

Get it, girl!