Hugh Grant admitted that he’s ‘heavily into S&M’ and you simply must see this

Hugh Grant admitted that he’s ‘heavily into S&M’ and you simply must see this

"I think so long as you have safe words it's fun"
5 August 2022 10:09AM

Hugh Grant, at the ripe old age of 61, just casually dropped that he loves a bit of S&M during a red carpet interview and wowee, it is quite the moment.

At San Diego Comic-Con, to build some hype for his new movie ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’, Hugh admitted his kink on the red carpet, leaving his co-star Chris Pine cracking up.

“Well, I’ve been heavily into S&M for, I don’t know, 20 years now,” he told E! News.

“I think so long as you have safe words it’s fun.”

Wait, what?!

FYI, ‘Love Actually’ came out in 2003. Could something have happened with that star-studded cast almost 20 years ago that sparked a sexual awakening in Hugh that he has been hiding for decades?

We may never know, but we're going to act like something did happen because how good would that be?

As to why he brought up his indulgence in S&M, it has to do with Dungeons & Dragons, which is a fantasy board game where players create their own character and then go on a quest with each other, solving riddles, getting in fights, exploring, and more. There is a Dungeon Master who basically runs the whole show and acts as a sort of referee/narrator. 

The E! interviewer asked Chris who he thought would make a great dungeon master, Chris said Hugh Grant, the interviewer asked Hugh why Chris would think that, and then boom: we learn that Hugh Grant has an S&M fetish. 

We're not sure if it's a gag (get it?) or not, but he did bring it up again at another Comic-Con press conference later in the day. 

“Well, I was a Dungeon Master,” he said, according to People.

“But it was more S&M and less D&D. It's the English version.”

We stan a safe and respectful kink king, so if that's your vibe, go absolutely off Hugh Grant.