Harry Styles fan steals the show by singing and proposing to GF in front of entire concert

It's called the 'Love on Tour' so it's no surprise couples are popping the question front left, right, and center.

Good luck to any and all partners of Harry Styles stans after watching this proposal.

Harry Styles' tour is literally called the ‘Love on Tour’ so it’s no surprise that couples are popping the question front left, right, and center during his concerts.

But the latest proposal caught on camera has definitely raised the bar.

After spotting a sign, that some think read ‘help me propose’, in the crowd, Harry went over to ‘Carl’ to have a quick chat.

“Can I sing two lines to my girlfriend?” Carl asked Harry. After some tossing and turning saying “I’m not sure personally….”, Harry (being the angel that he is) gave in and handed the mic into the crowd towards Carl.

Carl then stole the show, singing Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love in front of the entire crowd, shocking even Harry whose reaction to the moment is honestly giving me life.

“Damn!” Harry can be seen mouthing, looking up at the screen before walking back towards the couple in shock.

As the crowd joined in for the final lines, Carl then got down on one knee to ask his partner Marianna to marry him which had even Harry thinking “Dude, way to upstage me at my own show….”

As you can imagine, Harry Styles fans were just as excited as the couple about the ‘magical’ moment.

‘Harry's like "How am I supposed to go after that?!"’ wrote one person on TikTok with another saying ‘Proposed with Harry standing right in front of her that’s risky.’

Over on Instagram, one fan joked “she's strong, maybe i wouldn't say yes right away in front of harry” although thinking about it, maybe that wasn’t a joke…

Anyway, that’s it, that’s THE proposal, it can’t be beaten (unless anyone wants to try to top it during Harry Styles’ New Zealand concert because I will happily eat my words.)