Everyone is losing it over this photo of Jacob Elordi's long bendy tongue

Everyone is losing it over this photo of Jacob Elordi's long bendy tongue

What is that angle?!
11 August 2022 3:37PM

Jacob Elordi’s long bendy tongue is dividing the internet in what seems like the most seriously not serious game of hot or not.

If you’ve missed it, the Euphoria actor made an appearance in British GQ magazine this week, showing off an impressively long tongue, that could make any head turn!

The image has gone viral, with many fans expressing their shock and disbelief over the extreme size.

One person refuses to believe that his tongue could actually be that long.

Another called it “unreal”.

Others are loving it as one person confesses they are “team Jacob [elordi’s tongue]”.

And some not so much!

One gal is not a fan and requested that Jacob and his tongue “get off” her timeline.

Whether you’re drooling or think we’re fooling, you have to admit the size is pretty impressive. 

How many of us can say we are packing something that large…

In all seriousness though, I don’t think Jacob wanted the focus to be on his tongue and instead had A LOT to say about his acting career.

In the same cover interview with GQ Jacob opened up about the difficult time between ‘The Kissing Booth’ and ‘Euphoria’, where he only had a few hundred dollars to his name and planned to return home to Australia after not being able to book any more acting gigs.

In fact, times were so hard for the actor that he was living in his car when Euphoria began, and a kindhearted producer put him up in a hotel.

Thank god for the good-hearted people out there - right?