'The Kardashians' S2 trailer is here so if you see me re-watching it all day, no you didn't
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What's Good

'The Kardashians' S2 trailer is here so if you see me re-watching it all day, no you didn't

From Kim's controversial Marilyn Monroe dress to Khloe's baby news, this trailer has it all!
30 August 2022 8:17AM

Sorry to my boss but you can blame The Kardashians for me not getting any work done today.

Just weeks after announcing her split from Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and her family are back with the latest season of The Kardashians.

Hulu has released the official trailer ahead of the second season showing "the ever-changing lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie,”.

"The family welcomes viewers back to stand with them through their biggest triumphs and struggles." reads the official synopsis.

"From fiery romances and life-changing milestones to unimaginable successes. The family bond remains unbreakable as they navigate their public and private lives for the world to see.”

Along with getting an inside look at the final part of Kim and Pete's relationship, the trailer shows a behind-the-scenes look at Kim's controversial MET Gala look which saw her wearing Marilyn Monroe's iconic dress.

Kim also briefly addresses the backlash after her 'get your f***ing ass up and work' Variety interview saying she's "mortified".

We're also getting a look at the exciting journey as Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker prepare for their wedding. As Kourtney tries on her dress for the first time, we hear Kris have a lil' lol as she gets her daughter's names mixed up.

"I’m just so happy for Khloé and Travis," before realizing the mix-up. "Whatever, it starts with a K".

Kylie Jenner appears more candid after the birth of her son, revealing she's been struggling with her mental health.

“I should be really happy right now. I just had this new baby,” she tells Kendall. “But I cried nonstop for three weeks.”

There's so much going on in this trailer we're honestly going to be re-watching it all day (unless you're my boss who's reading this and in that case, I didn't even watch it, I've just been replying to emails all morning and doing that job you've been hassling me about all week... nope, definitely haven't just been on YouTube).

Watch the full trailer below.: