Kissing someone is as good for your teeth as brushing them, claims Dentist

trending 22/04/2022

So this is  that 1 out of 10 dentist who doesn't reccommend all those new toothpastes. 

Dr Khaled Kasem, of the international dental chain Impress, has said people should kiss for four minutes a day, purely for the health of their teeth.

"The main benefit of kissing is that it produces more saliva in your mouth" they began.

"Saliva is important because it helps you chew, taste, swallow, fights germs in your mouth and prevents bad breath — which is definitely ideal when kissing."

But before you go and throw your toothbrush away, Kasem went on to say that a cheeky kiss shouldn't replace actually brushing your teeth. 

"The only negative impact of kissing is when people are sick, have a cold sore or already have bad oral hygiene. Otherwise, kiss away - but keep brushing and flossing."