Petrol to get even more expensive from tonight so looks like it's time to find my bus card

scandal 11/03/2022

You thought you were already spending your life savings on petrol? Oh, you just wait.

Today, New Zealanders have been told to fuel up now because prices are about to get even more expensive.

Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group  have warned that the increase in prices overseas is about to hit home for us.

"Today, we've been advised by our supplier that prices are increasing, with the biggest single jump in our wholesale price seen in my time," managing director Jimmy Ormsby said. 

"Despite keeping our own costs as low as we can, so we can deliver the fairest pump prices while ensuring we remain sustainable ourselves, we can't absorb all that rise ourselves - so pump prices are going to have to respond.

Get in now, fill up as much as you can. We will supply as much as we can at the lower price until 6pm, but from then on, prices will start climbing, reflecting the unprecedented price increase we've received.

Honestly, this better be the Warriors year because it definitely isn't anybody elses at this point.