Woman fired for online shopping at work

trending 04/02/2022

Guilty of a bit of online shopping while at the office? 

This story might make you think twice...

A woman in the UK has been fired after she spent 10 and a half hours online shopping during work hours, across a period of 15 days. 

Pregnant insurance broker Paige Mowatt, not only spent time researching and purchasing baby related items, but she has also been accused of snooping on colleagues' emails. 

The employment tribunal stated 'Miss Mowatt admitted to looking at websites for her personal purposes and using her WhatsApp account for personal messages during working hours.'

She also admitted to the tribunal that she had been checking the emails of colleagues, including managers, and adding inboxes to her own Outlook account.

She was fired but later sued her employer for victimisation and unfair dismissal after viewing emails between managers in which one called her a 'f***ing muppet'. 

But the tribunal threw out her claims.

Might want to switch to incognito mode next time you online shop during work hours...