Kmart shoppers obsessed with this $4 product for 'perfect curls'

trending 22/02/2022

The warm/humid air is not helping anyone's hair situation currently. However, Kmart lovers in Australia are not worrying about the frizzy hair as they have found a $4 product that shoppers claim is just as good as a $599 Dyson Hair Wrap.

The budget hair product, a heatless hair roller, works while you sleep and promises "gorgeous curls without damaging your tresses".

TikTok fans were shocked by the results and vowed to rush to Kmart to buy it themselves, and it's become so popular it's sold out from Kmart's online store.

"From the videos I've seen, a lot have said it's as good as doing a blowout on the Dyson air wrap," one person wrote online.

Another gushed: "It's sooo good, I am hopeless with a curling iron and this is giving me the low-key curls of my dreams! I'm going to sleep with it in again!"

The product is yet to pop into our local NZ Kmarts but there is a similar product for $6 available at Kmart that is a multipack of bendy rollers, no satin scrunchie or clip included.