Julia Fox responds to memes about her 'Uncuh Jehms' Interview

scandal 23/02/2022

If you're like us, you saw Julia Fox's interview with her pronounciation of 'Uncut Gems' and you haven't been able to get it out of your head since.

I swear I hear 'Uncuhhh jehmms' in my sleep at this point. 

Page six, who originally interviewed Julia posted a compilation of videos of people taking off Julia's pronounciation to which she replied to, providing some explanation as to why she said it like that.

Julia commented on the post:

Even Netflix had something to say about the interview..

We've also found reports that Anna Sorokin, AKA Inventing Anna, is friends with Julia Fox. 

You can catch us holding out for Julia to say 'Uncut Gems' sober then 👀