An Australian remake of The Office could be in the works

scandal 24/02/2022

We're starting to hear rumours that Australia could be getting its own version of the iconic comedy series The Office.

As we're sure you know, The Office is a mockumentary series following regular office workers in the hands of an annoying, inconsiderate boss.

Whether your favourite is the original UK show starring Ricky Gervais, or the American version, starring Steve Carrell, The Office is such a funny, easy watch.

According to The Herald Sun, the Australian series remake is supposed to start filming in Sydney mid-this-year, and unlike the American and UK show, the lead character will be a woman.

Apparently Magda Szubanski, who played Sharon on 'Kath & Kim', has been approached to star in the series. 

We're not really sure how to feel about this.. We love The Office, we're just crossing our fingers that if the remake does go ahead, it doesn't ruin an already good thing!