Meet the cast of Too Hot To Handle: Season 3

trending 17/01/2022

A brand new season of Too Hot To Handle is almost here!

It's time for another group of extremely hot, sex-obsessed singles to start their journey with Lana.

Just like previous seasons, the same rules apply. For every kiss and every sexual act, money will be deducted from the prize fund. But this season the stakes are higher because the prize money has doubled. With a whopping $200,000.

Will these hotties be able to keep their hands to themselves? Hell no.

But let's meet them anyway shall we:

Nathan - 24 - South Africa

He's a self-proclaimed "international playboy" being a model and business management student from Cape Town, South Africa.

Georgia - 26 - Australia

Georgia's a serial ghoster who's broken loads of hearts. She can't help herself because she gets bored easily. But she can't resist a bad boy, especially if they're anything like her celeb crush Justin Bieber.

Stevan - 25 - USA

Stevan's a wild child with bad boy looks and attitude. He's a L.A. based model who's always been known as a player. He even got the "biggest flirt" award in high school.

Izzy - 22 - UK

Physical therapist Izzy is from Manchester, UK and loves to play field hockey. She's focused, competitive and got her eyes on the prize. Whether it be a trophy or a man, she's determined to get what she wants.

Jaz - 25 - USA

Jaz is a fashion designer from the state of Virginia. Growing up with her dad in the air force, she calls herself an "army brat." She admits that she's more into situationships than actual relationships.

Patrick - 25 - Hawaii

Patrick's a smooth-talking, guitar-playing serenader. The model/actor says he loves fulfilling beautiful women's romantic fantasies. A magical night under the stars is no problem, but don't expect him to be there when they wake up the next morning.

Holly - 23 - Canada

Holly is a psychology student at the University of Colorado. She studies hard but also finds time to party hard. She says that her dream is to have boyfriends all over the world, and has no plans of settling down anytime soon.

Beaux - 24 - UK

Beaux lives up to her name because she's truly a beauty. The legal secretary from London currently resides in Kent, England. She prides herself for being an honest person who gets straight to the point. And while she looks glamorous, she says she's totally fine with a no-frills date at KFC.

Truth - 23 - USA

Truth's a criminology student and basketball-playing scholar from Texas who's got game on and off the court. While his name seems honest and pure, he's quoted saying, "Truth will always 99.9 percent tell the truth." So keep an eye out for that 0.1 percent...

Harry - 29 - UK

Harry claims to be a lookalike of another British Harry with glorious long brown locks. He loves to party at night, but during the day he works as a tree surgeon in Middlesborough, UK. Guess you could say he knows how to handle his wood...

Too Hot To Handle: Season 3 drops January 19 on Netflix.

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