Kmart's now selling a wooden 'Vlogger Playset' for kids

trending 28/01/2022

Yeah, this feels like the start of some Black Mirror episode.

Move over the days of growing up with your wooden kitchen set as a kid because now you can prep your kid for a life of TikTok with a toddler's 'Vlogger Playset' from Kmart.

The Playset has been spotting on Kmart's Aussie website made up of a selfie stick, ring light, phone, and tripod.

"little ones will love to pretend taking pictures, photos and making video with this wooden vlogger set!" reads the description.

Not sure how to feel it about it? Neither do a lot of others, including us.

"that vlogger thing is just so sad…" wrote one person in the comments.

There were some who loved the idea of the Playset though with one person writing "we need the vlogger set in child care!!"

The Playset is listed on Kmart NZ as coming soon, with the price tag of $15.