Truth behind the ‘post a pet, plant a tree’ Instagram trend

scandal 11/11/2021

The truth is, the ‘post a pet, plant a tree’ Insta trend was just a big SCAM.

Thanks to a bit of digging from Twitter user Patrick Marlborough (@Cormac_McCafe) we now know a lot more about where this trend came from and who's behind it all.

It makes sense there was no way 4 million trees were going to be planted after the trend blew up - but why is there now a fundraiser involved? 

“Plant A Tree Co. has a peculiar business model. Essentially, they sell cheap necklaces, and for each necklace they sell, they plant a tree... or they donate the money to elephants! or Palestine! As per their insta, the cause can change week to week…” said Patrick in a follow up Tweet.

“Created in 2021, there is very little info on their actual website. nothing about who they are, their vision, their staff, or how they do what they claim to be doing. 6,500 trees planted though, somewhere, somehow, no info on that either. nothing. except necklaces... the kind you buy in bulk from Alibaba. valued at about 50 cents a pop, selling for $36. big profits! but don't worry, that profit goes to trees/elephants/palestine.”

They're supposedly based in Boca Ratan, Florida and a quick Google Maps search will show that it's actually a residential address.

Now back to Instagram, @plantatreeco only follows 1 person… How suspicious!

So what about Plant a Tree Co? What do they do? Is Zack planting all these trees or is it just one big scam? We’ll let you in on a little secret… IT’S ONE BIG SCAM!

Zack seems to have started it in 2019. He was initially selling bracelets to, get this, raise money for the Australian bushfires AND Black Lives Matter, allegedly planting 6500 trees somewhere in Australia? There's still no info on where your money goes, or how it is used.

Moral of the story we need to remember not to trust or feed into everything we see online.

Do your own research fam.

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